1. What is a panelized home?

"Panelized" refers to a more recent method of home construction in which a home is built in wall sections, or panels, under ideal, climate-controlled factory conditions. Floor systems, or "decks," are built the same way. Outside walls may or may not have windows, siding and wiring pre-installed. Decks and interior walls are engineered and constructed to accommodate plumbing and heat runs. Roof trusses, gable ends and all other components needed to make a complete home are then loaded onto specially-designed flatbed trailers, wrapped with tarps for moisture protection and trucked to a customer's home site. Panelized homes are customizable, second only to stick building for flexibility. The panelized home has the added benefit of quick, on-site completion, often finishing weeks ahead of comparable stick-built projects. Hundreds of floor plans and interior trim options are often available in a panelized home.

2. What is the cost per square foot?

The cost per square foot varies with the size of your home and the options that you wish to have included in your home. Give us a call with your customized options and we will be happy to price your new home for you.

3. How long will it take to build my home?

From the time that construction begins it generally takes 90-120 days.

4. Will I need to be involved with the subcontractors?

No. L & L Home Builders, Inc. secures all necessary subcontractors to build your home on your lot from excavation through move in.

5. What width are the exterior walls?

All of our homes are built with 2 x 6 exterior walls.

6. What is the R-value of the walls and ceilings?

Side walls typically have R-19 blown cellulose. You will have an R-50 value in the ceilings where you have the most heat loss.

7. Can we make changes to the floor plans?

Yes, we are happy to customize. You may even bring your own floor plan.


We are extremely flexible with our process and if you have the ability or want to complete any of the items yourself you are more than welcome to do that.